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 Skyte (Terra Family Leader)

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PostSubject: Skyte (Terra Family Leader)   Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:18 am


Color: #990000

Description: A tall dark red stick figure, gets aggrivated easily, loves to cause mayhem,

Weapon(s): Skyte has two chains with shurikens on the ends, he can also earth-bend

Demo: http://filebox.me/files/qbxd0j6g4_Skyte_TB_DEMO_original.swf

Bio: Skyte roamed the earth all his life, from a boy to his manhood. He learned the ways of the earth but as his time on earth went on, his paitence grew thin. Within years Skyte became insane. Using what he learnd from the earth against anything within his path. He built The Terra Family on brute strength and chaos welcoming all those who wouldn't mind to raise a lot of hell!

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Skyte (Terra Family Leader)
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