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 Fun With Writing :D

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PostSubject: Fun With Writing :D   Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:22 pm

OK hi guys kymjaga here Very Happy

Now i dont like writing or any form of literature but i think you guys do.Happy Now this is a place where people can have literature competitions, express there feelings, make stories you name it! Its pretty simple but there are some rules;

1. no sexual content or any adult related literature

2. no flaming or trolling

3. nothing but literature or help with literature in this section

4. no spamming

5. if you have a question ask me dont post a thread to ask the question

7. no double or triple posting (or more tongueSmile)

6. and please dont use any unecessary badwords or in special cases the N word we dont take racism lightly around here :|

HAVE FUN!!!! Very Happy
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Fun With Writing :D
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