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 Team Battilgia: Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Team Battilgia: Rules and Regulations   Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:37 pm

Team Battilgia?
What is that exactly?

Okay first things first, it was created by yours truely
"Battilgia" translates to "battle" in english.
So Team Battilgia means Team Battle, TB, for short.

So what happens in TB?

There are three families in the TB world.
Each family has a certain theme, that every family member's power must correspond with.

The Acqua Family. Theme = Magic and Long Range Weapons.
The Aria Family. Theme = Speed and Close Range Weapons.
The Terra Family. Theme = Strength and Chaos.

You can make a character that has one of those themes, and post it in the Hall Of Selections. Admins will later move your TB character to a team.

You may challenge members from other families to a TB Battle.

There are different ways of carrying out TB battles.

Volare Battilgias, or VB battles:
One on One battles between members of different families, set to a short time limit (Example: 1, 2, 3 hours). The victor's family will be awarded 1 point, and a win.

Singolo Battilgias, or SB battles:
One on One battles between members of different families. The victor will be decided on polls in the Duel Arena section. The victor's family will be awarded 5 points, and a win.

Equipaggio Battilgias, or EB battles:
Two, three, or four members from the same family fight two, three, or four members from a different family. The victor's team will be awarded 10 points, and a win.

Due Vinticore Battilgias, or DVB battles:
If the two families tie at the end of an Equipaggio, each team will choose there best, and they will fight. The victor's family will be awarded 20 points, and a win.

The points, and win - loose ratio will be kept on a page within that families section of the forum.

Competing in TB is a simple task.

Now go fight for you family!!

Being WheelChair.

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Team Battilgia: Rules and Regulations
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