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 glow trail code

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PostSubject: glow trail code   Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:46 pm

All you have to do is just post the color code and the color and subscribe this topic to see the many colors u can find =]


trail code ex. :
function onEnterFrame()
} // End of the function
sword.alpha = 50;
sword.rgb = 25000;
sword.lineMC._visible = false;
sword.queueLen = 5;

sword.alpha = 50;
-how strong the glow trail will be
sword.rgb = 25000;
-what color will the trail glow will be
sword.queueLen = 5;
-how fast it will fade


And heres the list of the number [25000] and the color [light blue]
As ppl reply ill add on to the list. heres the format i want u guys to use:

25000 = Light Blue
10000000000 = Gowy green
10000000000000000 = Red
200000000 = Gold
70000 = Purple
110000000 = White
700000 = Aqua Green
700000000 = Orange
7000000000 = Yellow Green
100 = Dark blue


Quote :
What? You don't need to go "searching for codes". You can just use hexadecimal codes for the colours. Just select your colour from the colour pallet (i.e. Red = #FF0000) and replace the # with 0x (Zero X). I.e. Red = #FF0000 = 0xFF0000.
So just put sword.rgb = 0xFF0000 to make it red, sword.rgb = 0x006699 to make a cool blue, etc.


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glow trail code
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